Hello World! :)

4 minute read

Hola! Greetings for the day. I am Aman, a 3rd year code enthusiast from International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad. I welcome you to my first blog post about my journey about GSoC 2018. The memory of myself, refreshing the gsoc page endlessly and searching for my name, still shivers me. It was a very special feeling to see my name along with my project title popping up on the gsoc official website. Thanks to my mentors Tommaso Soru and Ricardo Usbeck who helped me out in my proposal.

Here, I will (try to) give weekly updates about the status of my projects and the deliverables that I achieved within the duration of each week. Although this is necessity from DBpedia’s code of conduct, I really enjoy writing. Frankly, I have been writing only personal blogs until just now. This is my first attempt to writing a public blog, and I am excited about it. Please feel free to drop your suggestions in the comment section or in an email.

I always make sure that me and my mentors are at the same page with every deliverable. I do this my maintaining a shared document of deliverables for each upcoming week, so that there is no waste of anybody’s time and effort due to misunderstanding. :)

You can find my project here. You can find my proposal here.